We aim to reduce distortions to less then 0.1mm!

Generally speaking, a heat treatment furnace is filled with products to maintain a high filling rate.
However, in our company, accuracy and quality are considered more important than the filling rate, so we set products optimally inside a furnace depending on the material used and the shape of the products.

Treating with 13 vacuum heat treatment furnaces
Optimization of placement
Optimization of air flow
Reduction of distortion
Reduction of correction processes
Reduction of costs

Moreover, we can subdue hardness defects and distortion by controlling the temperature rising rate, preheating temperature, set temperature, holding time and cooling pressure in the cooling process.
Of course, it might be easy to jump to the conclusion that such a practice could decrease the processing amount and affect delivery time.
However, in our company, optimized treatment is made possible by using 18 vacuum heat treatment furnaces.

Also, you might wonder if limiting the amount of input increases costs. However, less distortion at quenching means less correction afterwards, so this leads to decreased costs for our customers, not increased costs.

Without an optimized arrangement
Setting method
With an optimized arrangement
Cooling air
Products placed too close together to allow space for cooling air cause uneven hardness and distortion.
By allowing enough space between each part and considering their individual shapes, uneven hardness and distortion are suppressed.